CloudM Bundles

Two powerful solutions. One unbeatable price.

Our one-step solution for effective migration and management

Moving to Office 365 or G Suite? Discover our new CloudM bundles.

With two powerful products for the price of one, CloudManager plus CloudMigrator is an impactful combination that enables you to help your customers grow by effortlessly moving and managing their data, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their new domain - at an unbeatable price.

Your powerful platform

Using our world-leading migration and manage software, that includes over 100 ultra powerful features, CloudM bundles are designed to help businesses of every size master migration and unlock the power of their cloud domain.

Master your migration

At CloudM, we’ve mastered the art of the straightforward migration. So whichever tool you choose for your digital transformation, you can migrate email, calendar, files and more with ease.

Master your domain

Transform how you manage and monitor your domain with CloudManager’s seamless onboarding and offboarding of users, password management, email migration, directory search, global support and more.

Master your potential

With effective migration deployment and simple automated tools that allow you to save time and money while getting the most out of their domain, CloudMigrator plus CloudManager is the ultimate combination.
With your CloudM bundle, depending which subscription you choose, will allow you to get unlimited CloudMigrator licenses for the duration of your subscription, tied to the domain on which CloudManager is installed. Saving you a lot of time and money - you’re welcome!

To find out more about our CloudM bundles and subscriptions, please speak to our cloud team on +44 (0)161 871 0330.
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