User Lifecycle Management

For seamless onboarding, offboarding and everything in between. Save time, reduce costs and take control of your license count with more effective G Suite user management.

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CloudManager enables IT admins, managers and end users to efficiently perform day-to-day tasks, empowering your organisation with quick, simple and secure workflows and processes.

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CloudManager gives you ultimate control of your user lifecycle management. Configure once to benefit from automated actions for complex G Suite administration tasks such as on and offboarding, reallocating user licenses, user and policy settings.

How it works

Onboarding - Provisioning New Staff

We understand that when new staff join your business it’s essential that they are productive as soon as possible. To solve this problem, CloudManager can quickly and securely provide them with the relevant access to folders, files and contact details for your staff, partners and suppliers.

Whether creating a new user or moving them within the organization, CloudManager can update signatures and Drive and file permissions, ensuring that information remains relevant to the role. CloudManager’s SmartGroups enable you to design the right onboarding rules for your Teams.

Offboarding - Deprovisioning Leavers

Seamlessly offboard deprovisioned users whilst keeping your license count and costs under control. CloudManager allows you to easily configure offboarding workflows, reallocate licenses and migrate leavers’ emails, files and user settings. And with real time reporting of completed, in-progress and scheduled deprovisions, our administrator dashboard will facilitate the smooth management of all your offboarding processes.

Deprovising. Done.

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