Managed Migrations to Office 365

Save 15% off managed migrations to Office 365.
Migrate up to 249 users for £15.80.

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At CloudM, we want to make sure your cloud transformation projects run as smoothly as possible. Let our migration experts do all the hard work and take the pain out of your move to Office 365 with our CloudMigrator Managed Migration service.

Our managed migrations team have years of experience in migrating customers to Office 365 with a 99.8% success rate. With our experts you can easily and securely migrate your email, calendar, files, data and more from any enterprise source to Microsoft Office 365, without any of the traditional risks involved with migration.

Three reasons why a Managed Migration is right for you:

Drives adoption
Benefit from our feature rich migration toolset to increase the adoption of Office 365, enabling users to collaborate better.

Fast Deployment
Migrate in as little as 5-6 weeks, completing projects quicker and shortening the deployment journey.

Risk Free
Leverage our migration expertise to reduce complexity as we run the migration for you.

*Usual price £18.00 per user. Bulk discounting applied. Offer available on all Office 365 managed migration orders placed before 31 December 2018. Minimum order of £1,500 applicable.

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