CloudMigrator and Virtru

End-to-end enhanced email encryption before, during and after cloud migration

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Ensure regulatory compliance and protect confidential information

For regulatory and confidentiality reasons, many enterprises need to protect emails before storing them in the cloud.

As part of a cloud migration strategy, organizations must satisfy compliance and privacy requirements for data as it is being migrated - and protect ongoing emails being created and shared in their new cloud environment.

CloudMigrator and Virtru's integrated solution gives enterprises the ability to encrypt sensitive emails before, during and after migrating them to the cloud - ensuring no content leaves the organization or reaches the cloud unprotected.

Speed, convenience, and security in the cloud

Offering end-to-end enhanced encryption to prevent third party provider access, enabling the entire organization to store sensitive data securely and compliantly.

Selectively encrypt confidential emails

Use CloudMigrator to encrypt the users who need it and ensure your confidential emails are secure in the cloud.

Migrate to any environment, share with any recipients

Enable enhanced encryption for migrations to G Suite or Office 365. Easily share protected data after it’s been migrated by using CloudMigrator and Virtru.

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