Auto-Deprovision Suspended Accounts With New Features By CloudManager

You asked so we listened. With the latest release of CloudManager there will be a new option available in the Deprovisioning Policy section within an OU (see below). Our new release contains the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, but also has two new powerful main features.


With CloudManager’s range of smart product features, it allows you to take G Suite to the next level and make your administration tasks more efficient and your workforce more productive.

The new auto-deprovisioning feature can be hassle free and will save you a lot of time in your organisation.

When enabled, the new option will trigger a deprovision for any user account which is placed in a suspended state, even if this action is performed outside CloudManager. This means that you’ll be able to suspend an account in the Google Admin Panel or Active Directory and then automatically let CloudManager handle the deprovisioning process for you.

Legal Hold Status

Not only that, but we have also introduced a new Legal Hold Status for a user. This new option in the provisioning section of a users profile (see below) allows a CloudManager admin to place a user account in a state where is it impossible to deprovision the account. Once set it can simply be removed by using the 'Release User' option found in the same menu.

Transform how you manage and monitor your Google G Suite estate with our market-leading software solution, CloudManager. Save time, reduce cost, improve accuracy, and centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools.

As always, we have various other small improvements that have been included in the latest release of CloudManager, please see the full release notes here.

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