CloudMigrator adds Google Vault as a source platform

In the latest release of CloudMigrator, we have added Google Vault as a source platform!

With the addition of Google Vault as a source platform, CloudMigrator now supports the migration of email from Google Vault to G Suite, Vault, Microsoft Office 365, Office 365 Online Archives and Microsoft Exchange.

Google Vault lets you retain, hold and search data to support your organization's archiving and eDiscovery needs but until now it has not been possible to migrate data directly from Vault to another G Suite instance or Office 365. Now, instead of a laborious manual process, you can use CloudMigrator’s simple setup to migrate your organisation’s archived emails.

The new platform features includes the option to customise the scope of migration using a search term or data scope, the option to preserve matters in Vault on completion and the ability to specify the location of migration items in the destination mailbox or archive.

As always, we have various other small improvements that have been included in the latest release of CloudMigrator, please see the full release notes here.

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