CloudManager’s latest release takes User Lifecycle Management to the next level with effective new features

With the latest release of CloudManager, along with the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, brings several new highly valuable features to the user lifecycle and specifically deprovisioning areas of the tool.

In any business, it is critical to ensure a controlled deprovisioning process for leavers and make off boarding as hassle free as possible by setting end dates for leavers and automatically deprovision user accounts and data in line with organizational policies.

We’ve enhanced our current suite of tools with the following effective features added in this latest update:

Easily wipe your mobile devices

In the modern workplace we rely heavily on our mobile devices. When a user leaves a company, it is vital you retain control of the data placed on these devices. With the latest release of CloudManager, there is a new configuration step available in the deprovisioning policy which will allow you to 'wipe mobile device', clearing any corporate data stored on a mobile device which has been registered to that user via the Google Admin panel, and has no impact on any other data held on that device.

Remove 2FA data

If you have opted to enable two form authentication in your domain as an added layer of security, it is important that this information is removed when a user is deprovisioned. There is now a new additional step available when creating your deprovisioning policy to allow this. Once enabled, any form of additional authentication is deleted including; backup codes, 2FA hardware keys and Google Authenticator data.

New CloudManager 'People API'

With the latest release of CloudManager, we have introduced first iteration of the new People API. These series of new endpoints will allow administrators to trigger a selection of actions from existing third party systems which can make custom API calls. The current features available via the API include setting an end date on a user account, triggering a deprovision for a user account and setting the legal hold status of an account.

Centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools, and transform how you manage and monitor your Google G Suite estate with our market-leading software solution, CloudManager.

As always, we are constantly adding new useful features and improvements to allow users to administer and manage their domain and users as effectively as possible. For more information and pricing on the CloudManager tool, please click here or speak to our cloud team at

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