CloudMigrator upgrades its powerful features by introducing Mail Environment Scan

Last year CloudM introduced File Environment Scan to CloudMigrator, a powerful feature that allows users to scan file platforms and gather vital information and statistics. Now, the world’s leading migration tool has upgraded its feature and introduced Mail Environment Scan, which extends the functionality to all supported email platforms.

Mail Environment Scan will allow users to scan email platforms to discover overall size and number of items, as well as detailed information like attachment numbers and sizes, folder structures and folder name conflicts.

It generates a detailed report on the size and complexity of emails and data, giving users an invaluable understanding of the scale of their information. The powerful feature also flags up any potential limitations, allowing you to resolve any issues before your migration begins.

This can then be used to calculate an accurate estimate of how long the migration process will take and allow for accurate and effective planning prior to the migration process.

Our Technical Product Specialist and resident migration guru, Mike Keighery, explains how the extension of this new feature will save time and help you pre-plan your migration project:

“At CloudM, we understand that migrations vary from just a handful of data to a tremendous volume. Emails, file counts, data volume, folder structures, and permissions can all affect the speed of a migration and this information can be hard to find.”

“Our migration engineers have really been looking forward to this new feature. It’s really taken our product and service to the next level. With just a click of a button, CloudMigrator can now grab all of the information it needs, allowing you to estimate, not only the length of time, but also the accuracy of your migration.”

With this vital information at hand, our migration engineers will be able to scope and plan complex mailbox migration projects and be aware of any potential problems to remedy before migrating a single byte. They will also be able to export reports to file, allowing for advanced discovery and presentation of the data back to key stakeholders.

“We’re passionate about innovation and ensuring that our technology operates at the cutting edge of current capabilities. This new update and other additions we have made in recent months, including Google Vault compatibility, is testament to this commitment.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to develop new ways to enhance the CloudM offering across our platforms in the future.”

CloudMigrator is the only tool to offer a pre-migration scan for your data and mail for organizations moving to either Google G Suite or Office 365. It promises to save you time, money, and most importantly, removes the guesswork from your migration project scope.

CloudMigrator is constantly adding new useful features to allow the most successful migrations. As well as Mail Environment Scan, the following have also been released:

Enable updating of secondary servers via remote connections screen

We have streamlined the upgrade process by allowing users to update connected secondary machine services to latest CloudMigrator version directly from primary Service Manager. This removes the need to connect to each individual machine and perform updates locally.

New Gmail Import API Improvements

A new configuration option has been added which allows you to make use of the new Gmail Import API endpoint. This updated endpoint will provide an increase in performance and allow you to safely increase the number of import threads (from 2 to a maximum of 20) being utilised in your configuration. This can only be used for new projects and not ongoing migrations.

Integration of Groups into User List

To simplify the workflow of migrating Groups we have now moved these items into the main user list view. This means you are now able to manage all your migration items from a single area of the application.

Mail Environment Scan is available now in the latest CloudMigrator release here.

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