Save time with CloudMigrator Pro new multi sub-domains migrations

One of the migration trends we’ve seen recently is an increase in more complex, multi sub-domain migrations to and from G Suite, and a common piece of feedback we’ve had from users is that the requirement to configure multiple migration projects to achieve this can be time-consuming and complicated.

We have listened, and CloudM is excited to announce that in the release of CloudMigrator 3.16 now allows you to specify full G Suite email addresses as export and import names.

In previous versions, only the email prefix (the part before the @) was specified and the domain was appended from the source and/or destination configuration. This meant that when migrating to or from multiple sub-domains within the same G Suite instance, a configuration was required for each making the migration extremely time-consuming and complicated.

Now, using CloudMigrator 3.16 you can migrate users from both primary and multiple secondary domains in one single configuration, saving valuable time for migration engineers and reducing the risk of misconfiguration.

While it may sound like a small change on the surface, this improvement has been months in the making, and has required extensive testing from our experts to ensure great performance and reliability.

A big thanks goes to our trusted partners who’ve been testing out the new feature in real-world migrations before the release with great feedback.

CloudMigrator is constantly adding new useful features to allow the most successful migrations, and love hearing back from our customers and partners. Find out what else has been updated in the latest CloudMigrator release here.

If you’re looking to migrate multi-domains or would like more information and pricing on CloudMigrator, please click here or speak to our cloud team to get some advice and best migration practices at

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