Easily Migrate your Microsoft Teams data using CloudMigrator

CloudM is proud to announce that CloudMigrator for Microsoft now allows businesses to move their Microsoft Teams smoothly from one tenant to another.

Microsoft Teams is a cloud collaborative place where your organization can work as a team and have conversations, all in one place.

Migrating data between Microsoft Teams
has never been simpler. From Word documents to Excel sheets and more, CloudMigrator allows you to migrate everything between teams so you can continue collaborating.

Using CloudMigrator, Microsoft Teams Migration allows businesses to automate the entire Office 365 migration including group members, channels, conversations, email, calendar and documents.

CloudMigrator for Microsoft fully migrates Microsoft Teams cloud-based collaboration software and Office 365 Groups, allowing your business to automate the entire migration including channels, conversations, files, notes, attachments, members, associated mailbox and SharePoint site, membership roles, planners, OneNote tabs and permissions using CloudM tools.

A robust and structured approach for migrating data between Office 365 tenants, CloudMigrator is constantly adding new useful features to allow the most successful migrations. Find out what else has been updated in the latest CloudMigrator release here.

If you’re looking to migrate Microsoft Teams or would like more information and pricing on CloudMigrator, please click here or speak to our cloud team to get some advice and best migration practices at sales@cloudm.co

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