Introducing File Environment Scan - the new feature from the world's leading migration tool

The world's leading migration tool, CloudMigrator, just got even better with the introduction of its new powerful scanning feature File Environment Scan. You can now analyze and report on your content and data from all leading file sources, ensuring an efficient and successful migration.

File Environment Scan allows you to discover what data you have and what needs to be migrated. It generates a report, accurately estimating your migration's duration and flagging any potential limitations or issues before your migration even begins, meaning you can work to find a solution before you start a project, ensuring it stays on track and is delivered on time.

Our Technical Product Specialist and resident migration guru, Mike Keighery, explains how this new feature will save time and help you pre-plan your migration project:
“I’ve been migrating user data to the cloud for over six years now and in that time I’ve pretty much seen it all. Over all that time the one question I’m asked more than any other is “how long will it take?”, and the answer has always been “it depends”.”

“Of course that’s not a great answer and probably not one my customers were hoping to hear - but it does. It depends on server specs, bandwidth, configuration, but mostly it depends on the data itself. The shape, size, integrity and quality of the data being migrated is by far the biggest factor to consider when estimating a migration’s duration or fidelity.”

“A migration is usually part of a wider digital transformation project and our customers just don’t have the time or the inclination to trawl through their historical data. They come to us to move their stuff, and don’t want to be given this huge task before we even begin.”

We understand that migrations vary from just a handful of data to a tremendous volume. File counts, data volume, folder structures, and permissions can all affect the speed of a migration and this information can be hard to find, especially from the crumbling file servers companies are often working with.

With it proving difficult to give an accurate migration estimate due to extensive time-consuming analysis processes, we have developed File Environment Scan to enable organizations to scan their data across many different source systems, and then easily determine their migration scope and sources before starting their project at high-speed.

Mike continues; “this new feature has been a godsend for me and our migration engineers. With just a click of a button, CloudMigrator can now grab all of the information it needs, allowing you to estimate, not only the length of time, but also the accuracy of your migration.”

CloudMigrator is the only tool to offer a pre-migration scan for organizations moving to either Google G Suite or Office 365. It promises to save time, money, stress and most importantly removes the guesswork from your project scope.

File Environment Scan is available now in CloudMigrator 3.4.

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