Migrating to a new smart workplace becomes possible with our Dropbox integration

Productivity, collaboration and accessibility are the core benefits of cloud-based productivity suites, and as workplaces continue to modernise, the right productivity suite is often the key to success.

Dropbox as a platform has long preached these values, and as their offering evolves, the demand for movement in this space is ever increasing. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we have been hard at work expanding and improving our world leading migration tool, CloudMigrator, by adding Dropbox as a new destination.

“We’re excited to partner with CloudM to streamline the migration and onboarding of teams using Dropbox,” said Abhishek Lahoti and Clayton January, Business Development and Partnerships Leads for Dropbox. “Our joint users will be able to get setup with Dropbox Business more quickly by leveraging the speed and agility of migration tools from CloudM.”

The excitement for this evolution of CloudM is also shared by our Chief Product Officer, Gary Bennion, who said "we are really pleased to announce the first step in our new strategic partnership with Dropbox. Our new integration for CloudMigrator will allow customers to migrate and onboard users to Dropbox Business from our existing file platforms. This forms part of our longer term strategy to enable our customers and partners to get more out of the cloud."

CloudMigratorGo and CloudMigratorPro for Dropbox are available to buy now, providing fast, reliable and secure file migrations for organizations of any size.

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