Email Signature Management

Create and manage your company's email signatures for Office 365 and G Suite.

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Maintain the perfect sign off

Design and manage personalized email signatures for all users in your organization at the touch of a button.

Our signature management solution is simple and easy to use for both Office 365 and G Suite - plus with CloudM's role-based access controls, the power to edit signatures can be delegated to a user or department of your choice.

So no matter what their role is, you can be confident that every person in your business is promoting themselves and your brand accurately and consistently in all of their email communications.

Advanced email signature design features

Advanced editing

Use our editor to simply drag and drop the details you want each signature to include, plus any logos, tables and animations. Or paste in your own HTML design.

Easy customisation

Use the same signature template across your organization, or create multiple versions for different departments, teams and locations.

Always up-to-date

With automatic updates straight from CloudM, you know your organisation's email signatures will always contain the most accurate information, from job titles through to contact details.

Intelligent logic

If any fields are missing from a user profile, CloudM will simply exclude it from the email signature. No empty spaces keeps you looking professional. Always.

Administrate from one place

A one-stop-shop for IT admins. From user permissions to people directories and reporting, we make managing single or multiple domains simple.

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