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Google recently announced the introduction of an Archive User SKU for G Suite, replacing Vault former Employee (VfE) licensing, which is set to be phased out by December 2020. Unlike VfE licensing, which was given away free of charge or at a heavily discounted rate, the Archive User SKU will be charged at a flat rate per user per month, with options for Business and Enterprise. This leaves many G Suite customers facing increases in licensing costs as they manage their staff churn.

Our CloudM platform offers a solution to rising costs associated with the new Archive User SKU, enabling you to scale whilst keeping your license count and costs under control.

Migrate your data from VfE by using CloudM Migrate

Use CloudM Migrate to quickly and securely move your current VfE data to any destination account.

Implement smart deprovisioning with CloudM Manage

Seamlessly deprovision users to keep your G Suite license count and costs under control. Easily configure offboarding workflows, reallocate licenses and migrate leavers’ emails, files and user settings to minimise your need for the Archive User SKU.

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