CloudMigrator Realtime Reporting and Estimation

As part of our ongoing mission to make migrating to the cloud easier we listened to your feedback and are delighted to announce the release of real-time reporting and estimation for CloudMigrator and CloudMigrator Go versions and above.

Your Migration At A Glance

At a glance see in real-time how your migration is progressing including the number of users you have migrated, the accuracy of your migration and the average transfer speed.

Real-time and Accurate Estimation

By using live transfer speeds accurately estimate how long your migration has left until completion and assess the impact of tweaking your configuration on migration speed.

Track Your Progress

In real-time see how much data and items you have migrated so far and how much of it is left to go.

Individual User Progress

“Has the CEO’s email migrated?”. Now you can now see right down to an individual user level precisely the number and type of items that have been migrated.

Free Trial

To check out this new feature and all the other great features in CloudMigrator then start your free trial today.

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