Deploying Office 365 Pro Plus via Microsoft Intune for a smoother migration

From Intune version 1902 it is possible to deploy Office 365 ProPlus with a custom XML file. This means you can benefit from simple and enterprise-ready ProPlus deployment capabilities with Intune with more enhancements to follow.

However, there are many scenarios where it makes sense not to use the default settings that are built in the Intune UI.

Our expert, Adam Brown, is more than proficient in all things Office 365 ProPlus and all things Microsoft! We’ve asked him to talk us through the steps on how to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus via InTune to ensure an even smoother migration. So, over to you Adam...

One of the advantages of this is that you can use application preferences so that you are helping the end user configure Office ProPlus without setting its policy that the end user cannot change again. It is also a way of installing Office 2019 with Intune – to day if you need an Office installation that are licensed per device instead of per user your need Office 2019 and not Office ProPlus.

When using the Office Customization Tool, you are now able to use it for deployment with Intune, just like we can with other deployment tools like ConfigMgr.

Anyway, here are the steps you need to take...

1. Start the Office Customization Tool and begin to create your custom XML file or you can also create it yourself without a tool.

2. Select your Office Suites – in my case it is Office 365 ProPlus

3. Select Off for Skype for Business or other apps you don’t need in your deployment

4. Select the channel – in my case Monthly Channel (That is the reason for Teams being enabled for deployment as part of Office 365 ProPlus

5. Click Next

6. Select language – match Operating System

7. Click Next

8. Set Show installation to user to off

9. Click Next

10. Set Automatically accept the EULA to On

11. Click Next

12. Enter your organization name

13. Click Next

14. Search and find all the setting you want to set in your installation

15. Configure the setting you want

16. Click Next

17. Click Export

18. Enter a File name: Office365ProPlus-Standard

19. Click Export and save the .xml file

Now you are ready to use your custom .xml file in Intune.

Start the Microsoft 365 Device Management portal

1. Click Client Apps

2. Click Apps

3. Click Add

4. App type: Windows 10

5. Select Enter XML data

6. Click App Suite Information

7. Suite Name: Office 365 ProPlus Custom

8. Suite Description : Enter the description that match your need

9. Click Enter XML data

10. Copy the Office ProPlus xml file into Intune

That’s it! Now you are ready to assign your new create Office ProPlus application to users or devices. For any further information, please get in touch with our team of experts.

Thanks, Adam!

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