Migrate to Google Team Drives with CloudMigrator

Google's Team Drives early adopter program has launched and gives businesses the ability to control content as well as share and manage files at team level within Google Drive rather than with individual users.

Team members can save documents and files to their specific Team Drive which then gives other users within that group instant access while restricting others within the organization.

This gives organizations more granular control over content and ensures new staff members get immediate access to the files they will need. Also, if someone leaves the organization, their files are still accessible to those with access to that team.

Migrating to Team Drives

Using CloudMigrator you can now migrate files, documents and photos from Local File systems, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint to Google Team Drives, including the folder structure.

Take advantage of Team Drive and let CloudMigrator do all the hard work. Migrate over your enterprise file system to Google Team Drive and share those files safely with your entire business. You can even consolidate your existing Google Drive shared folders into one or many Google Team Drives.

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