Migrating to 365? 10 Pro-tips from our User Community

Migrating to Office 365? We asked our community of CloudMigrator users for a migration cheat-sheet to make your switch safe and simple.

1. Warn your boss: Migration is a complex process which takes time and needs to be planned, tested and executed. CloudMigrator simplifies the process greatly, however you will still need to set aside time and resources. Warn, bribe or hide from your boss and clear your diary.

2. Don’t dive in: Our users tell us that you should become familiar with installing, setting up and configuring CloudMigrator as well as initiating migration runs as required.

3. You can’t buy happiness: But you can buy time. Many in the CloudMigrator community who were short on time or resources used our Assisted Migration service. They’ve told us it’s ideal if you want the data migration handled for you.

4. Put time on your side: Talking of which, you can pass on the good news about timescale to your colleagues: while a full migration may take a few days or even a few weeks to complete, a migration using our tool will run much faster than the trial as CloudMigrator is designed to be scalable in order to shorten the overall time taken to complete large migrations. As the trial is limited to two mailboxes you will not see the real throughput you can expect to achieve when migrating all users.

5. Answer their security woes – once and for all: We’re told that you’ll be asked about data sovereignty. A lot. CloudMigrator runs where you download the tool, instead of working as a service, meaning your data will stay between you and your Microsoft Office 365 tenancy.

6. Avoid deadline blues: We agree with our users that trialing, testing and practicing migrations should be carried out well before the required date, preferably using test accounts in Office 365. Microsoft’s free trial of Office 365 is perfect for this purpose.

7. Make use of multi-pass: Users say they can reassure themselves, and others, that CloudMigrator only copies data and never makes any changes or deletions in the source. You can safely run migrations multiple times until you are happy that the destination mailboxes match the source.

8. Read all about it: Our customers who go on to recommend us to others all say they used the wealth of self-service information, help, guides, tips and tricks on our website, CloudMigrator portal and Knowledgebase. By following the instructions provided, you should be able to successfully install, configure and run a trial migration to the point where you will know if you are happy to go ahead with purchasing a full license. Should you get stuck we also provide free access to our ticketed support system which normally resolves issues within a day or two.

9. Send some smiles to our support team: Users who sent trace files, screenshots and lots of detail to our support team in Manchester (UK) told us they enjoyed an even quicker solution to any occasional migration show-stoppers. Information makes our support team very happy. It also means they can get straight to the issue and help get things moving again.

10. Be honest – we can take it: Repeat customers have told us they’ve seen how their suggestions and feedback (even negative) have shaped future versions. And with our thanks too. We obviously want your migration to be a success, so feedback is not only pinned to our wall but underpins everything we do.

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