Save time and improve security using CloudManager’s new Domain Wide Mailbox Delegation Management feature

At CloudM, we are always looking for ways to help our customers and partners improve their G Suite Administration. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of a new CloudManager feature, Domain Wide Mailbox Delegation Management, which will provide mailbox delegation visibility for the domain.

Our new extended Domain Wide Mailbox Delegation Management feature allows Administrators to save time and improve security through a single view of all settings - with just one management view of all users.

With CloudManager, G Suite Administrators can access all user mailbox delegation where they are able to export and edit mailbox delegation across their entire domain.

As always it’s easy to setup in CloudManager. Once the initial configuration step is completed a full list of all users and the mailboxes they have access to is displayed in a single view ready to use. From then on it’s a simple case of monitoring and managing delegation through CloudManager.

Transform how you manage and monitor your Google G Suite estate with our market-leading software solution, CloudManager. Save time, reduce cost, improve accuracy, and centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools.

We have various other small improvements that have been included in the latest release of CloudManager, please see the full release notes here.

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