Secure Migration With CloudM + Virtru

Migrating to the cloud has numerous benefits for any organisation. Security is paramount throughout, so a comprehensive migration plan requires a thoughtful approach to keeping your data protected throughout the process.

CloudMigrator and Virtru's integrated solution gives enterprises the ability to encrypt sensitive emails before, during and after migrating them to the cloud - ensuring no content leaves the organization or reaches the cloud unprotected.

Find out how to keep your data even more protected in your cloud environment by downloading our whitepaper on ‘A Guide to Secure Migration’ below. In our guide, you will find 10 tips we’ve gathered from cloud experts and IT security leaders on what you need to do before you start your migration project.

Success stories

Similar organizations and leading professionals like you have faced a variety of challenges when migrating emails and files to the cloud. Check out their experiences below…

Government Digital Services

Government Digital Services worked with CloudM to securely migrate over 2,500 accounts from Microsoft Exchange to Google G Suite.

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The State of Maryland

The State of Maryland used Virtru to add a crucial layer of data-centric security and access control to sensitive data as part of a broader project to migrate emails and files to the cloud.

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Sheboygan County

Sheboygan County successfully migrated their organisation to the cloud and the security benefits that Virtru helped to deliver.

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Kempinski migrated to email and collaboration platform G Suite. Find out why the process and cloud migration was the right move for their organisation.

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