What are the system requirements for CloudMigrator?

Does CloudMigrator affect the data in my source system?

No. The source data cannot be manipulated in any way. CloudMigrator uses read-only processes on the source platform.

How scalable is the CloudMigrator?

CloudMigrator is completely scalable, from one mailbox to thousands. See our KnowledgeBase article here for more info.

How do I upgrade my CloudMigrator demo?

Contact Sales via +44(0)1618710330 or sales@cloudm.co

What is the Managed Migration service?

Basically, we run the migration for you! Contact our sales team via +44(0)1618710330 or sales@cloudm.co for further information or read more here.

What reporting does CloudMigrator provide?

CloudMigrator will provide a HTML report, saved locally or sent by email to specified email addresses, at the end of every migration. During a migration, estimations and time remaining are given on the "My Projects" pages, and configuration specific statistics are given.

Does CloudMigrator migrate hidden files and folders?


Will CloudMigrator create duplicates?

CloudMigrator has a local migration history and an SQL Database as to avoid duplicates. These store the IDs of already migrated items so that CloudMigrator will never create duplicates.

Should I use CloudMigrator or CloudMigrator Go?

This depends on the requirements of your migration, specifically the number of users and the platforms you are migrating from.

For less than 500 users, that don't require data to be migrated from GroupWise or Lotus Notes we recommend CloudMigrator Go. For anything larger or with a GroupWise or Lotus Notes requirement we recommend CloudMigrator. For more information on features click here for G Suite and here for Office 365 

How is CloudMigrator licensed? How are licenses consumed?

Licenses are required for every unique user, resource and public folder that is to be migrated. Licenses are consumed per each import name selected for migration. The licenses are then tied to the import name, meaning that a re-run can be performed for that user at no additional cost. The licenses are also bound to the platforms selected to migrate between and the destination domain name, If any of those change then additional license(s) may be required.

Can I see CloudMigrator working before I purchase?

You can request a demo with the sales team to view how CloudMigrator works. Contact our sales team via +44(0)1618710330 or sales@cloudm.co 

Can CloudMigrator be used on a non-Windows device?

The downloadable version of CloudMigrator is only compatible with Windows (64bit and 32bit). If you choose CloudMigrator Go, we use a dedicated VM to perform the migration for you that can be run through any modern web browser.

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