Should I use CloudMigrator or CloudMigrator Go?

This depends on the requirements of your migration, specifically the number of users and the platforms you are migrating from.

For less than 500 users, that don't require data to be migrated from GroupWise or Lotus Notes we recommend CloudMigrator Go. For anything larger or with a GroupWise or Lotus Notes requirement we recommend CloudMigrator. For more information on features click here for G Suite and here for Office 365 

What is a multi-server migration and when should I consider one?

Migrations can be scaled up, using more resources in a Primary/Secondary configuration. The additional secondary services handle user threads, so more data is migrated simultaneously. Secondary services are only utilized when there are users/threads to populate them, so if, for example, you were to migrate a single user, then only a single Primary service would be required.

How is CloudMigrator licensed? How are licenses consumed?

Licenses are required for every unique user, resource and public folder that is to be migrated. Licenses are consumed per each import name selected for migration. The licenses are then tied to the import name, meaning that a re-run can be performed for that user at no additional cost. The licenses are also bound to the platforms selected to migrate between and the destination domain name, If any of those change then additional license(s) may be required.

Can I see CloudMigrator working before I purchase?

You can request a demo with the sales team to view how CloudMigrator works. Contact our sales team via +44(0)1618710330 or

Can CloudMigrator be used on a non-Windows device?

The downloadable version of CloudMigrator is only compatible with Windows (64bit and 32bit). If you choose CloudMigrator Go, we use a dedicated VM to perform the migration for you that can be run through any modern web browser.

Will there be any downtime during a migration?

CloudMigrator can run without any disruption to service, a domain switch-over may interrupt workflow, so we advise performing this over a period of minimal activity. See our "What is the recommended migration approach?" page here.

Can I have more than one source domain?

Yes you can migrate users based on a user email address even if they are from different domains.

I don't have admin access to my mail server. Can I still migrate?

Depending on the platform, we have ways to workaround this issue, so in the case of your source platform being a 3rd party hosted Exchange server, you can use delegate access to migrate from the environment, or is the host doesn't approve this, you can use user credentials to migrate. The same applies for IMAP, user credentials can be used for this source also.

Why use CloudMigrator Go?

If you have a migration that is <500 users and non-complex in its nature, CloudMigrator Go is perfect for you.

Likewise, if you do not have access to a Windows environment.

My organization has a number of different mail platforms. Can I migrate from all of them?

CloudMigrator can migrate from all platforms. See our Supported Features page for G Suite and Office 365.

What platforms does CloudMigrator support?

See our Supported Features page for G Suite and Office 365

What is not migrated?

See our "Supported Features" page for G Suite and Office 365 

For anything you can't see here, simply ask Support

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