Can I trial the tool and if so for how long?

Yes, you can trial CloudMigrator for free on 2 users for a maximum of 30 days.

All source platforms except File System and Mail Archives can be trialed.

We have acquired a company and want to migrate their emails to our existing domain. Can CloudMigrator do this?

Yes. Often you will want to retain the same domain name also, so a domain cutover is needed, you can find more information this via our KnowledgeBase 

I want to migrate into a subdomain as well as my primary domain. Will I need a different license for this?

A part of how our licensing works is, the licenses are tied to the destination domain name, so if you wish to migrate into two domain names, this will require two sets of licenses.

Do I need to stop users from accessing their accounts during the migration?

Users can work on the source platform without even noticing their accounts being migrated from.

We recommend not letting the users have access to their destination accounts, unless completely necessary, until the migration is completed.
In some Exchange environments, users may have login limits being exceeded (depending on the authentication method selected), in which case, the user will need to cease access to their account (or the migration should be run out of regular business hours by means of scheduling).

Does CloudMigrator migrate shared mailboxes, groups, resources etc. (basically anything that is not straightforward mail)?

Yes, CloudMigrator supports the migration of shared mailboxes, groups, resources, public folders, Team Drives, SharePoint and more. See our supported features page here G Suite and Office 365

What do we need to have or do before the migration begins?

What, if anything, will change for the end-user after the migration?

Different platforms have different means of presenting data, see this KnowledgeBase article for more info.

What success-rate does CloudMigrator offer?

The average success rate of the 7 million users we've migrated so far is 99.9%

How does CloudMigrator know what users to migrate?

You provide a list of users for CloudMigrator to migrate, or you can use the "Get Users" function and tailor this list to your requirement. You can specify if the user migrates at all and if so (depending on the platform selected) Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Sites, Notes and Drive.

What are address or domain replacements?

As your source platform may have multiple domains or email addresses for each user CloudMigrator allows you to customize address and domain replacements. See our KnowledgeBase article.

Once I have installed the tool on a device, can I reinstall on another?


What ports are required to be open for CloudMigrator?

HTTPS 443, SQL 1433, REDIS 6379/6380

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